Ultrasonic Cavitation

Shapely Body Contouring with Ultrasonic Cavitation

Get results like this!  These clients are pictured before first session, and after 3rd or 4th session.  Amazing!




What is ultrasonic cavitation?

It is a noninvasive method to break down fat deposits using ultrasonic (sound) waves which cause compression/expansion impulses in a high-speed cycle.  These cycles cause micro-cavities that gradually enlarge, collide and implode fat cells.  The fat cells are then eliminated from the body through lymphatic and urinary systems.


Any pain with session?

UC is absolutely painless, and there is no downtime following your session.  You will hear a mild buzzing in your ears during the session.


Anything to do prior to session, to prepare or make it more effective?

You should be well hydrated so your body will quickly eliminate the fat cells over next 24 hours.  Moisturizing the treatment area daily for a week prior is also helpful.  Exercising after the session is encouraged, to increase metabolism and eliminate the fat cells more quickly.


How many sessions are needed?

This depends on the area and size of fat deposit.  In general, at least 4 sessions are encouraged, and some areas may need up to 12 or more.


Dont Have Ultrasonic Cavitation

- If you are on your period.  Wait until 2 days after.

- If you have heart disease, stents (anywhere), pacemaker, aneurysms or any chronic medical condition.

- If you are pregnant.